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Phone No

Membership Card:

All members are issued a Membership Barcode Card. Members are required to scan their card at the front desk immediately upon every arrival to track personal attendance and overall court use. Note, the membership cards are plasticized but will not withstand bending or going through the washing machine. Please report lost or damaged cards immediately. Replacement fee is $10.00 per card.

Guest Passes:

Guest passes are available online and in person. Barcode card can be obtained on presentation of receipt in person at the front desk of Arena Badminton & Sports Club.

Guest Fees:

Please refer to the Membership Colum:

Returning members who are unsure about re-joining the club in the next season must also pay the guest fee. For new potential members, Guest Fee paid can be used towards membership fees if the guest subsequently becomes a monthly or yearly member. Your membership anniversary will be backdated to that date in which you were a guest and be effective for one full year.

Membership Barcode card:

Membership barcode card will be deactivated if any member does not renew their membership by the renewal date.
Barcode will be restricted during tournament weekends and may be disabled from time to time if the courts become unavailable for play, such as during construction/renovation or refinishing. Advance notice will be provided. Emergency contact numbers are posted on the notice board.