Change Rooms:

Change Rooms at the club are for changing and storing clothing/gear that will not be used to play. Members should not be changing in the lounge areas as a courtesy to others. Due to sensitivities of some members, please refrain from using perfumes and other scented products. If you are the last to leave the change room, please turn off the lights.


The use of a locker must be registered with the club and there is ________charges for every locker. Registration is required so the Board knows which members to notify if any work needs to be done requiring for moving of the lockers. Lockers that are not registered will have their locks cut off. You are responsible for bringing your own lock.

Lounge Areas:

The lounge areas are shared areas for all members, so please keep them clean by throwing away your garbage and using the designated blue boxes for recycling cans/bottles and shuttle tubes/paper. If you see garbage lying around, please pick it up and throw it in the garbage cans to help keep the club neat and clean. A TV is available for online professional badminton matches. If it is not turned on during open hours and you would like to watch it, just ask the front desk staff. If you are the last to leave the club, you are responsible for turning off all lights in the courts.