Sharing Court Space

When courts are busy (members waiting for courts) the courts are restricted to doubles play only for a brief warm-up time and one games/set maximum. Please use the 21-point rally point system. After set is over, all players should come off the court.

Please remember to take all your gear and put used shuttles in the basket. Please use the sign-up board to indicate what time you go on court. It is expected that the persons writing their names on the waiting list should have, or attempted to have, a group of 4 players ready to go once they are called onto court. In order to give others an opportunity to play, the group of players should not consist of any players who are just coming off a court. The exception to this rule is if there are not enough players to make another group of 4, then one or more of the players who just came off can play again. When entering the courts, ensure that one group members name and the time you are entering is recorded on the white board. Once you come off the court erase your name from the board, and sign up again for the next available court.

Singles Games:

If there are no courts available when two singles players arrive initially, they may take the next available court, by replacing that waiting group on the whiteboard (please notify that group). Singles players may not interrupt or "kick off" any games in progress that have not reached one set of games. Single players must use the whiteboard and note 'singles' along with the start time.

No specific courts are reserved or kept aside for this purpose, so doubles players are free to fill the courts if no singles players are playing. when there is an open court, singles players may sign up for and immediately take that court. As long as they are signed-up on the whiteboard, they may complete their one set of game without needing to come off, even as other doubles players arrive. As above where singles players cannot interrupt doubles games, doubles players may not interrupt or "kick off" any singles games in progress that have not completed one set of game. Keeping Courts Clean, Food is not permitted in the court area, and only closed bottled drinks are allowed on court. No cans are permitted on court.

The baskets next to each court are meant for shuttlecocks and are not to be used for garbage. When you leave your court, make sure that used shuttlecocks are placed in the baskets and that the court is clean for the next group. There are also dust mops on the sides of the court that are to be used to wipe the surface of the court. Please use the broom and dustpan located in the lounge to place any mopped up debris into the garbage can - do not leave this beside the courts where people will walk through it. It is recommended that you mop your court before your matches to avoid any accidents from debris left on the court. If you are the last person to leave the courts at night, please turn off the lights.


The cost of shuttlecocks is an expense that must be endured when playing friendly and competitive games. It is a general courtesy to split the cost of the shuttlecocks between all players. Feather shuttlecocks can be purchased from the club pro shop. Members are also welcome to play with nylon shuttles which may also be purchased from the pro shop individually

Dress Code:

The Dress Code of Arena Badminton Club indicates that appropriate clothing is considered clothing “in good taste” that is not offensive to others. Jeans and Capri pants are not appropriate athletic attire to wear while playing. Shirts showing the midriff are not permitted.

Please follow good hygiene practices as well by wearing clean clothes. The club requires that players wear non-marking indoor only court or athletic shoes when playing on the courts. Sandals, hiking shoes, bare feet or socks-only are not permitted for safety reasons. In terms of head gear, only sweatbands or headgear required for religious or medical reasons will be permitted. Caps and bandanas are not permitted. Safety eyewear meeting ASTM F803 standards is mandatory for all players under 12 years of age when entering the courts, regardless of event type. It is highly recommended for adults too.